Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Artist: NoLongerHuman
Title: Antipathy
Format: CD
Label: Out of Line
Rated: *****
NoLongerHuman have released their first official album. It's enough to look at the booklet to realise that these guys pay attention to details, starting from fancy name and logo. The logo itself is fairly interesting - the dead cricket design might have been inspired by Hocico or Noisuf-X and makes me think of those bands, but is original enough to catch my eye. I hoped that their music was similar in this respect to the logo, that it was akin to the works of great bands but still fresh and attractive. Fortunately I was right. NoLongerHuman play dark electro based on reliable, well-known patterns. Fortunately, even though they failed to create absolutely new quality, the music isn't boring at all. The impression that they care about details didn't leave when I pushed 'play' button. The band managed to build dark atmosphere thanks to samples from movies, harsh vocals and all the stuff we expect from a band with such an antihuman name. This music is cold and sinister- it makes me think of scalpels, lancets and all the toys you'd rather like to observe from a distance.

Actually Hocico and Noisuf-X don't seem to have influenced the authors of 'Antipathy'. The record is closer to the works of Tactical Sekt, Aesthetic Perfection or Supreme Court. It's equally energetic and works equally well both while listened at home and on a dancefloor.
The only drawback of this record is that I can't get rid of an impression that I have heard it all before . Nonetheless, I'm sure that they'll work out their unique style soon. Antipathy is a good album, but I feel that its successor will be even better.