Saturday, May 30, 2020
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V2A: Mechanized Infantry

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Artist: V2A
Title: Mechanized Infantry
Format: CD
Label: Biohazzard Records (@)
Distributor: AL!VE
Rated: *****
After the issue of an omonymous cd-single, which has been hugely appreciated by EBM indomitable lovers, the album by the Anglosaxon (just a synthetic way to say they're half German half "Anglische"...and just to remark their double roots they sing using both unusual aspect for this kind of stuff!) band V2A starts with a suffocating introduction, a sort of war declaration for the intestine battle against decay hieratically ordained by the scraping filtered voice coming out of Kevin Stewart. The gears surrounding this Mechanized Infantry sound like a nice playset appearing like a soiling of a lot of past danceable acts. In spite of references to the inventory belonging to band such as Covenant, VNV Nation, Combichrist and Suicide Commando, this records is not inteded neither for nostalgic people nor for "romantronic" spoons weeping for new wave necrotic sing-songs as it's able to inject brand new stimulations to all those dancers wearing gas masks and "gummyplasticous" overalls even if sometimes it looks they drink from lyrics pushing the dark pagan scene as a source for inspiration! That's the reason why the weakest ring of the heavy chains bolted by V2A are lyrics, while from the other side compositions and rhythmical patterns are well-forged as they perfectly fit to the wide range of motions (of bodies and souls) for people attending ebm parties. Flushing meadows of pushing beats, aggressive kicks, metallomelodic sequences, harsh sounds and even a set of flaming laser-like sounds - have a listen to the hissing Mechanizm just to chew that solid imaginary set! - as well as captivating dance-songs scattered with convulsive beats such as Contagen, Demons and Electro Whore (just a whispering vocal anthem like "love like an angel, fuck like a whore" perfectly fits a fetish party!) are going to set you on fire! In tracks like Stahl-Tanz (steel dance!) or aggro-tech with gummy kickdrums tracks such as Jesus Loves You (which reminds some acts of Angelspit) or Kill -9, the basslines and the hard kick seems to be the soundtrack for the frenzy dance of mechanized spiders. A countdown from 9 to 0, a persuasive song repeating "you're demons" intended for dancers with potential identity crysis, filtered basses sounding like electric saws, cranioclastic rushing rhythm make this chunky album danceable from the beginning to the end and the length of each track (no more than 4 minutes...) is the most reccomended by djs playing for dark dancehalls among steel chains, Mad Max-like haircuts and black skin boots. When you'll finish listening to (or more presumably dancing on...) V2A's last work, you'll have more reasons to agree with their beloved statement. EBM is not dead!