Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Artist: The Dark Clan
Title: The Vampire Wore White
Format: CD
Rated: *****
The name of the band is called The Dark Clan, hailing from Wisconsin. Consisting of Dan Clark who is main core behind this band and next we have Amanda on vocals, Erin on piano, Nic on drums, Luke on bass and EYG on additional vocals. I just saw this band live at Chicago's Darkroom and they were quite entertaining. The name of the album is called " The Vampire Wore White." This album is showing us that white is the new black. We go to track 2, " Love in the Dark " which is a ode to love, beautifully sung by the lovely songbird Amanda. " Dancing in darkness, she sings to us, a lovely love song to the night. It is a track that I will hold near and dear to my heart. Next is track 3, " Tandy' whcih is an early 80's tribute to what seems to be a lost love that should not be forgotten. It is a tonque and cheek track that speaks for itself. Moving to track 5, " Look into the Night which is a Gothy dark track and a ode to the night beautifully sung by the lovely songbird Amanda who's voice soars high to the sky in perfect harmony. Next is track 6, " Interlude in Two Parts, Invention No. 8 which is a guitar solo rendition of the original J.S. Bach classic which sets it from the rest. Track after track this album has unique surprises behind every turn truly is unique to say the least. We more to track 8, " The Vampire Wore White" which is an ode to the darkness into light and that fashion sometimes doesn't always have to be back in black. This track is truly an anthem for fashion and decadence and will truly not be forgotten for the ages. The Dark Clan is hear to stay will you join them in their dark delight or will you let them pass you by.? ~ 4 stars Michelle Russo