Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Cruciform Injection: Aftermath

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Artist: Cruciform Injection
Title: Aftermath
Format: CD
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
Cruciform Injection is the name of the band hailing from the Chicagoland area. Cruciform Injection consists of Micah Skaritka on vocals, Brendan on Guitars and Programming, Kassi on live Keyboards and Jonathan on live Percussion. The name of the album is called " Aftermath." We begin with track 1 which is a grand introduction to the Apocalpyse in pure danse floor manner. We come to track 3, "Venus Corpse." Micah sings, of system failure and being oxygen deprived backed to hard break beats and tales of woe. This is a sure fire danse floor hit at least in my eyes. Next is track 4, " Raise our Flags " is seems to be a ode to going to war and it's aftermath it brings. Micah sings, " Nothing to see from the missle rays." Gives you this grim take on how war gets us no where and how we waste time on it. Next is track 5, " Dreaming Siren." which takes us to it's electronic world and opens doors to our psyche. Micah sings, " Come and sit on the edge of the floor." Micah is calling us to the danse floor and go crazy to this one. Stomp away and call to your master for instruction. Sill moving on we come to one of the coolest tracks on this cd, " Sugarbomb" , which always gets the crowds moving. Seduction is the key to this track and draws us near and dear to it's promise. Micah sings in unison with his band and the crowd. " Are you ever satisfied all you ever done.?" This is what I call the audience participation game, every time this track is played, all partakes in it. This is the track that this band is known for all over the circuits and it never disappoints. I just saw Cruciform Injection last weekend at the Darkroom and there wasn't one person in the audience not moving and grooving to it. Next is track 9, " Deadline " another danse floor hit and another favorite of mine. Micah sings to us, " tell me what you want from me." Electro danse craze the core and nothing more. This by far could be their staple song and separates from all other tracks. I found myself dancing in my tracks as I typed away. Track by track Cruciform Injection puts it's bang into your buck and never disappoints. This track is extremely amazing live. With that said, we come to track 12, " Embryonic Testaments" which is always a classic for this band and is played through the circuits. Micah sings to us. " take what you want from me." which the crowd sings back to him in great fervor and anguish. This track rocks hard and has been around on other albums due to it's greatness and great strength it brings. Next is track 13, " Black Tides." which is always a crowd favorite and asked for either for an encore or surprise. " Micah sings, " Black Tides " in his deepest dark voice to match the angry dark abyss he is expressing and crawling out of the darkness to shed light onto us all. Cruciform Injection always puts their best foot forward and shines bright. Do you dare to inject them.? ~ 4 stars Michelle Russo