Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Artist: Ethan Rose (@)
Title: oaks
Format: CD
Label: Baskaru
Rated: *****
Baskaru keeps on putting out some heartfelt classy post-ambient music like in the case of american artist Ethan Rose. This guy has several releases out on japanese Locust music-Headz label and yes, the aesthetic nature of his compositions by some means reflects this japanese electronic influence, above all if you think to those electronic ambient artist from Japan dealing with soft ethereal music with some soft digital sounds, I think this may help you to identify the global sound of this work. "Oaks" is really relaxing and luminous, from what I can read in the inner notes Rose has adopted as a primary source a bunch of sounds coming out from a 1926 Wurlitzer organ and then manipulated it all with computer and electronics, if I wouldn't have read it inside the notes I doubt I would have ever recognized the primary source of sound. The music definition is great and despite the analog source the global sound has a digital aura, but yet warm and self assuring. In tracks like "the floor released" this cd reaches a great atmosphere by tying the knot between soft high pitched melodies and a warm bass framework. As I've been repeating from the beginning of the review this cd can be easily filed under ambient-electronic music and is not one of those work where the artist looks desperately for a strange or extraordinary revolutionary solution, it's a simple (but not simplicistic) release where Ethan Rose has embroided some delicious, relaxing and easy listening solutions. The production is good and the majority of the melodies strike deep inside where you heart aches, if that's still a good reason to put out and buy a cd here is a warm embrace to celebrate the spring that's approaching.