Monday, June 1, 2020
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Title: glyms
Format: CD
Label: Hinter Zimmer (@)
Rated: *****
Funny, when I first got the package from Dense, knowing it was on Hinterzimmer I was almost sure it would have been something dealing with "experimental-music-concrete-electronic-and-the-hell-knows-what-else", it was dark, I was driving home from work and I put it in the player for the "dangerous" first listening and surprise surprise: the cd had nothing to do with the aforementioned categories. To say it all this release is quite weird, above all if you add this band comes from the States, this' a elegant and sick mix of weird folk (really Current 93 alike) and norwegian black metal... ok, nothing surprising here, there're so many bands crossing this black area lately but Kinit Her sounds both honest an quite personal. The atmosphere sometimes is dark and scary, sometimes brings you in a weird middle aged dimension, the vocals have been probably treated in some bizarre way so it ends up resulting as the main vocals have been sung by a bunch of devil-possessed children. The recording and the production are brilliant and while giving this odd-darkened impression it also results quite warm above all in its folk components, in the same song they work with stop and go and at the same time alternate different sounds to reach the climax, the global impression I got is this cd has been well pondered. Despite the fact here and there they've this heavy guitar riffs and some "darkness will prevail" episodes the majority of the release is quite melodic, listenable and recreates atmospheres not so far from Dead Can Dance during their Aion-era, stylistically they've nothing to share with Perry-Gerald but I wish you will get what I mean. Ancient arias/arrangements, odd-folk, some old-acid-rock passages, black metal, a spruce of ambient and these strange voices are coming and going for the whole length of a cd that appears as a real narrative plot... I'm still waiting from some dwarves and witches to come and bring me back in the past like in Raimi's "Army of darkness". "Lucifer over London"?... ha, ha... we're living in such a dark age that I see Lucifer is over the whole globe.