Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Title: Gente Di Malaffare
Format: CDx2 (double CD)
Label: Hau Ruck! SPQR (@)
Rated: *****
Released on 2005 GENTE DI MALAFFARE has been the only Calle Della Morte full length and after the MCD titled "A Dio", Jonny B (Inner Glory) and Vinz I.H.S.V. (former session man with Ain Soph, Inner Glory, Der Feuerkreiner, Macelleria Mobile di Mezzaonotte) decided to call it quits. The duo explored the neo-folk sound with personality without caring of taking part to any particular scene. The graphics of the CD are really explicative and are deeply linked to the Calle Della Morte concept. As the band wrote on their biography: "The name Calle Della Morte is not fictional, the Calle in question really does exist (you may look for it near S.Marco) and is linked to sad events happened under the Serenissima Republic. During the Venetian Republic, Calle Della Morte was a small L shaped street which was walled at one end. In this street the people not aligned to the Republic would frequently disappear, those who could not afford to Go under trial or political enemies or even spies. It is not by chance that we took inspiration from an event (Gente Di Malaffare) which really took place, where two poor men disappear after being mistaken for to spies from Genoa. Are stories are there, there is nothing made up. Venice is under the eyes of everyone, we therefore invite you to live it through our songs". The songs are in balance from pub ballads, rock ridings and neo-classical folk ballads (see the guitar/strings duets on the beautiful "Venezia"). Calle Della Morte don't look for musical perfection and this is making sound their music theatrical and true. This new reissue along with the original CD has a bonus CD-r titled "Come te go fato te disfo" which gathers nine unreleased (live and studio recordings) or rare tracks. It opens with the beautiful "Song of Margarete" (on this one we have movie samples that create a sad atmosphere and then the band sung a sort of militaristic English sung epitaph) just to follow with a guitar/harmonium touchy ballad titled "Le nevi eterne". Its tracklist is: "Song of Margarete", "Nevi eterne", "Io e te", "Intermezzo", "Bambolina (demo version)", "Venezia (mix)", "Nessuna Remissione (live in "La Notte Hauruck!")", "Labbra Rosso Sangue (Live in "La Notte Hauruck!")", "Senza Fare Rumore (Der Feuerkreiner Remix)". If you missed the first print, now you have the chance to purchase a very special edition...


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