Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Artist: PINKNRUBY (@)
Title: Queen Kale
Format: CDS (CD Single)
Label: PINKNRUBY (@)
Distributor: PINKNRUBY
Rated: *****
Well, a premise: the god of comics Neil Gaiman and Dave Mckean carved one of their milestone with the graphic novel BLACK ORCHID (Dc comics) the strange tales of an half orchid woman, a novel of rare beauty and also deepness, influenced by a sort of ecologic extremism. This album is the best sound track to read out that masterpiece. Another point to put a light on this very peculiar project is the name of the label, PROSERPINA rec., ruled by the same artist, Proserpina is the goddess of Springtime but in the same time is the wife of PLUTO, the god of hell. These two simple point of the culture scape of these two incredible artists, Mihaela Repina and Paul Bradbury, can easily define to us their art: folk music singed looking a dark but quiet forest. Helped with a full orchestration of great artist Jo Quail-Son Ver (Cello), Matt Kelly (Semble) on violin and Matt Tweed(Spacegoats) on Saami Shaman's drum, Pinknruby offers to us a trip into natural sounds during a sunset inside a magical wood and that's real not a fantasy tale. The recording work is perfect and all the shades coming from the otherworldly voice of Mihaela are able to bring us far away.


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