Saturday, May 30, 2020
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TWZ: Evolution

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Artist: TWZ (@)
Title: Evolution
Format: CD
Label: Advoxya Records (@)
Distributor: Poponaut
Rated: *****
Yes, this Swedish trio consisting of Richard, Lars and the female member Karin we had quite often on here with reviews on their self-released and –produced albums or in collaboration with the long defunct labels Plutonium and Deathpropaganda Records. TWZ are back, now signed to the Hungary-based Advoxya Records label, and this Evolution-album is a sort of combination consisting in parts of a retrospective of some demo favorites ("Clairvoyance" "My Friend Disorder" or "We Don’t Walk The Same Path" for example) and in other parts of new compositions ("Souljourner" or "The Grid"). Musically TWZ are following still an own kind of harsh Electro/Industrial music. The snatching and brutal distorted vocals by band leader Richard are a synonym for the often heard Hellectro-like pseudo-aggression, but musically they luckily avoid any Techno-/Trance-related outfit. TWZ still create through their bass-line-programming a sort of a melodic and I tend to say unique background instrumental scenario. Their tracks don’t offer normally the catchy content to get a singing- or summing-along-the-line experience and their compositions do definitely need a few more spins to impress the listener. The listener gets rewarded with a dark sounding synth arrangements quite different to the usual kind. Favorites of this album have to be named with the compilation-approved "The Grid" or "Flawed, Weak Ad Organic", which also features a co-vocal performance by the female member Karin. Thumbs up too for the experiment on "Crawling" to try out undistorted and nearly natural sounding male vocals. This is an ingredient, which could need some further continuations on their next releases. Also the both scary and ominous sounding intro and outro works "The Time In This Corridor Is Not As It Should Be" and "Confession" causing attention, although I would suggest to place comparable works in between the track list, since this would give the album a more varied floating. As for flaws, well, the drum programming comes out quite monotonous and the too often usage of same sounding kick and snares leaves enough room for a more refreshing and experimental work for future releases. Dark Electro-freaks longing for something different then the too often copied Hellectro-storm blowing out of the clubs will receive an excellent album, which entertains both, body and mind. Well done, keep it on!