Monday, June 1, 2020
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Artist: Faerie Wunderpuss
Title: Christmas
Format: CD EP
Rated: *****
Faerie Wunderpuss is the name of the band and it consists of a trio of great music enthusiasts. Mr. Guisef Volium, Jonathan P. Stitch and Genivre Vine all hailing from the Chicagoland area. This is by far the most original X.mas compilation I have received to review. Very unique spooky artwork on the cover of the ep with little bits of surreal real wood glued on the cover of the CD to frame the demented Gothic Santa Claus that tell the tale. We open with Track one, " Christmas is Coming" which is a beautiful ethereal symphony of the spooky side of the holiday that comes out and haunts you and holds on for dear life. This is the naughty of the nice. High soprano voice that sings to the high heavens and reaches us like no other. We move on to Track two, "Christmastime Puppetshow" which is a cool track that became a personal favourite instantly to me. " Genivre sings, " I'm on love with your pretty ways, your angel hair that's flying in your face." A tale of holiday spirit with a twist, folky and topped with bells and joy. We progress to Track three, " Christmas Ghosts." which is a fun track that reminds me of that grand fellow Voltaire with a little twist of Current 93 and a little of The Damned. A spaghetti X-mas western if you will. One of the most unique tracks I have yet to lie eyes on and ears upon. We hear, " Christmas ghosts in the sky, kiss me goodnight." A very creepy dialogue that gets under your skin and leaves it's mark. Next is Track four, " Christmas Afternoon", which is a cool flowing track that seems to glide across the rooftops like Santa does. Low bass, creepy voices from this Gothic trio singing their own demented Christmas Gothic Carol to us. Brilliant, dark and leaving a trail in the snow for all to see. Last is Track five " Christmas Love ' which is a whimsical appropriate track that ties this album up with a bow for all to open and rejoice it's the brilliance it's radiates for all to see. ~ 4 stars Michelle Russo