Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Format: CD
Label: Rustblade (@)
Distributor: Masterpiece Distribution
MMM is a project derived from TEMPLEBEAT an EBM cult of the 90ies and they are deeply linked with the cultural milieu of SOTTOMONDO, in fact the best place to search and research in Italy "strange-fucking-good-things". MMM is a project to stomp and unchain our life from our daily life. It is easy to hear and to feel the energy of the band and their myspace is aimed to show it. There is techno-punk-EBM-industrial well mixed and above all well played live, in 2008 they had a part in Schalgstrom storm. Favorite track: 10, reminds me some 242 best tracks but with an Industrial appeal. What I like so much is the mediascape the band use to say about their art and thoughts (Saturno Buttò, Dark Spy fetish magazine, Matteo Bosi's art) all these elements aren't outside the music they play ARE entrails of their art; they use "simple" sounds but they burn behind it, there is force and also controlled depravation, both well tuned in this work.