Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Format: CD
Label: COLD SPRING (@)
Rated: *****
It is a privilege to write down some thought about the GOD OF NOISE, Merzbow, aka Masami Akita. His art is so well known and extreme that every work is a must to have for NOISE Friends and for men of control working for hidden prisons. Another time Merzbow destroys reality, annihilates every slice of the air around him with special tools played/destroyed without compromises an with his deepest knowledge on signals and sound terrorism. There are no words to express the amount of violence and desperation he puts inside his recording system, but for sure this art is not made to think but just to be overwhelmed by the force of the artist. His competence is absolute and the modulations he is able to give to the wall of noise he created is the proof of the fact that for him the noise has no secrets anymore. This is another time not only sound experiments and noise music, it is a complex system of de-programming from normal sound/normal music/normal living/normal feelings; we cannot decode the real program set up by Merzbow, it is a secret we won't know ever. His plan and aims aren't yet clear, we can only try to find a meaning, an inspiration, in the fortress of noise, inside the noise weapons he is able to set up. Probably he gets through noise a status of reality we cannot see.