Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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DEADWOOD: Ramblack

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Artist: DEADWOOD (@)
Title: Ramblack
Format: CD
Rated: *****
Deadwood is a master of dark noise menace, and he is also a master in creation of terrifying soundscape, he puts in right place every layer and the result is in the same time aggressive but not hysteric...is art is a good-to-hear-art-of-noise. Surely he works with very provocative icons of the underground and occult culture, another time he does it with Swedish elegance and competence. His technical set up reveals a deep knowledge of analogue and digital instruments and the field recording puts this artist of extreme sounds in the right light in terms of research and experimentation. I am keen to think that the art of noise is an art linked with the reality around us, in many sense it is a scientific psycho-research of the dark side of sounds. Another thing I like so much in this work is the use of voice filtered by microphones, it is really scaring and demoniac, he seems to be possessed by demons. The carpets he uses in the tracks are well built and there is no sense of dejà vu hearing the whole work. It is a perfect work to give sound to horror feature, I think that horror directors have to consider it seriously, the panorama he created is something so bad but well thought, Deadwood is a cinematographic artist in the sense of sound creation for movies and images. My favorite track? The seventh, it's really thrilling and subtle a perfect probing inside the hell of death noise after the fall of demons.