Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Artist: SECOND SKIN (@)
Title: Illa exuro in silentium
Format: CD
Label: Palace of Worms records
Distributor: Masterpiece Distribution
Rated: *****
I was reading a scrbd pdf about the dark side of Walt Disney, something so bad that is better not to write down, this work from SECOND SKIN given to me the same incredible sense of wonder and dark, the same pleasure to discover the Hell inside BAMBI. They play with Hollywood darkside, with ballads-punk-wave-dark so great and well played that is not possible to say "I dont like it". This work is F.... GREAT, I love it. The guitar, Lynchesque with some New Order influence is pure "black velvet", the voice and the choir around is spine chilling. I have to say that Second Skin makes my day opening a whole world of great media icons like: Greta Garbo, Dalì, Brothers Marx and the ghosts of Old Hollywood...; believe me when I say that this band is showing and researching for us an area really interesting of death beautiful myths of our dying world. Best track...I cannot say bullshit, all the tracks are hypnotic, pure controlled madness inside the perfect dome of wave-death-rock. Thank you Second Skin.