Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Title: Nemeton
Format: CD
Label: Curzweyhl/Rough trade
Distributor: Masterpiece Distribution
Rated: *****
It's great how "grey area" is able to bring together many kind of music. Here's we have something that WOLFRAM von Eschebach could really love. Dunkelshoen is a band, or a fellowship to be more precise, that plays celtic music with great passion and results. The use of lyrics from Carmina Burana and also German folksong and Swedish too make out this project something precious, not only music indeed but even a cultural project probing the roots of our Europe. The art to record ancient/traditional instruments, played following ancient rules, and a voice so crystal-clear is not a cup of tea for a sound engineer, another time Dunkelshon made a great work offering us a soundscape really accurate not simply traditional and well focused. Their aim is to create a dimension of knowledge about the Celts world and vibes and they achieved it passionately in this work. My favorite track: SATOR AREPO, but the reason has remain a secret related to my love for French Bretagne ... I gotta mention the very look good show they make, see the photo gallery of their website to give a look to perfect atmosphere they done to their live acts : http://www.dunkelschoen-musik.de/Englisch/Framepage%20Wald%20engl/Waldframe%20engl/Framepage%20Wald%20engl.htm