Friday, June 5, 2020
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Title: Digital Violence
Format: CD
Label: Schawarzdorn production (@)
Distributor: Twilight
Rated: *****
A project from Germany that wanna be very clear and straight, there is not misconception in their art and their love for goth elements is not disturbing or provocative. I appreciate this kind of approach especially when to many people/band scream loud in the same way. Bionic Angel's music also is well defined and above all well recorded, the synth ( so 80ies so lovely ;) ) aren't destroyed by other instruments and the melodic patterns move very well. I gotta say that is hard to find a track not well managed or hard to hear. For sure I will appreciate more BA if the next work will try to experiment more in this area they know so well anyway. It is only a question to get deep in the secrets of Electro Goth without the fear to be misunderstood. Anyway this Digital Violence is pleasurable well done and easy to listen and that's not a mistake but in my opinion a very good feature of this work. My favorite track: TRANSIT TO HELL but BITCH LIKE YOU has a very strong and well carved voice/intention.