Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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Artist: HUMAN GREED (@)
Title: Black Hill: Midnight At The Blighted Star
Format: CD
Label: Lumberton Trading (@)
Rated: *****
Human Greed born in 1998 as musical outfit of Scottish writer Michael Begg. He was soon joined by Deryk Thomas, the visual artist whose burning bunnies became an iconic reference point for Michael Gira's Swans White Light/Love of Life period. BLACK HILL is their third album after 2001 "Consolation" (released for ex-Banshee Steven Severin's RE:Group) and 2006 "Pilgrim: New World Homestead" (released for Begg's label Omnempathy). This new full length contains fifteen tracks that are difficult to file under a specified musical genre because they tend to create an atmosphere rather than looking for a melody (even if here and there some melodies are used). On the booklet you find this note that it could be a good description of the album's atmospheres: "Sometimes, its like the silver coin of the moon is tossed, like alms for the poor, across the cold, midnight sky". Human Greed are creating night music where treated field recordings, vocals (here as guests you find Julia Kent, Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo, Clodagh Simonds and David Tibet) and instruments, make you feel like being living a nightmare while you are sleeping out in the wild. Sounds hit or seduce you without caring if you're enjoining it or not... check if you're ready for it at