Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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Title: The Swamp Angel
Format: CD
Label: HauRuck! (@)
Distributor: Tesco Distribution
Rated: *****
Inspired by the New York waterfront street gang of the mid nineteenth century (one of the most successful waterfront gangs of the period, the Swamp Angels dominated the dockyards of New York Harbor from the 1850s into the post-Civil War era), THE SWAMP ANGEL is the second full length by Bain Wolfkind. With this one he brings to the lovers of bastard blues-rock a great album: its atmospheres are so dark tha it will be appreciated also by the neo-folk audience. The slow ballads and the mid tempo rumbling r'n'r songs seem coming from the sewer because of the reverb used on the whole mix. Try to imagine a slowed down mix of Cramps, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and Crime And City Solution and you'll have an idea of how THE SWAMP ANGEL sounds. During the '80s/'90s I've been also a Crypt Records lover and I'm used to these sounds but Bain Wolfkind added a certain noir atmosphere that you won't find into Oblivians or Devil Dogs. If you like it raw and slow and you aren't afraid of finding yourself diggin' your own graveyard into a swamp land (... admit, this is a good image, isn't it?) try this album!


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