Saturday, July 11, 2020
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20.SV: Apocalyptic Desert

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Artist: 20.SV
Title: Apocalyptic Desert
Format: CD
Label: Autumn Wind Productions (@)
Rated: *****
The sound of this disc excites me from the start. Veiled behind walls of decimated audio signals, buried entities of voice, guitar, synthesizers, and unidentifiable noise generators gasp for air from an 8bit radioactive soundscape. Floating on this green ocean of sonic obliteration are passing waves of decayed melody and radioactive timbres that ignite your ear canals while foreshadowing the destruction yet to come.

Constantly shifting densities fluctuate between onslaught, feedback and sandblast, with the occasional relent of high frequencies making way for the earthmovers to pillage towards a desperately needed, yet always denied moment of pause. Never resting on a single texture for long, Apocalyptic Desert manifests itself through pulsations that undulate and loop under the hand of its creator. One thing that sets this release apart from others of similar ilk is how he maintains (for me) a sense of liveness that makes this interesting and worth repeated listening.

20.SV is a noise project of Lebanese musician Xardas, who also released Burning Sigils under his actual name, Osman Arabi. I recommend listening to his music, particularly this album, at a very high volume for the intended effect. The ascent from zero to about 14 minutes is worth the price of admission alone. Further, Xardas uses both right and left channels to disorient the listener and create a trance-like effect which often lands in a surprisingly musical’ soundscape, that resonates more deeply with each listen. Its very effective, and I can only imagine what this would sound like in surround or live. Recommended to fans of extreme noise like Messiah Complex and Grunt.


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