Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Artist: Eisschock (@)
Title: Play The Game
Format: Download Only (MP3 only)
Label: Sonic-X / Danse Macabre (@)
Rated: *****
Germany’s female EBM-chansoneuse EISSCHOCK alias Amortalia S. returns with a new Web-only EP and likes to invite to Play The Game. Her rules of the game are still comparable with her efforts known from her debut, mostly minimal fast-forward moving EBM rhythm patterns combined with Madame EISSCHOCK’s diverse kind to perform vocals. Her emotion in the vocals ranging from bedroom-sweet to sick and mentally disturbed offer her tracks a very own kind and listening experience. Musically it seems that some tracks have experienced an improvement, an increase of equipment seems to be happened too. But this also burdens a bit the aggressive outfit of the new EISSCHOCK stuff, "Far, Far Away" comes out musically never-heard-before ingratiating and catchy. Not sure also, if the title track is THE composition of the year, that one, also featured in a short video edit, lacks definitely of compositional depth. But a track like the nasty "Hass Mich" works excellent to varnish all of those weaker moments, this one also shows the whole dimension the hell-angel EISSCHOCK is able to awake. With the help and support of the German Sonic-X label and the specialized studio which hides behind it, I’m quite sure that this EP is only a sort of intermediate result. There’s more to come.


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