Monday, September 28, 2020
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Artist: VAE VICTUS / Durch Heer und Kraft
Title: Fortes Fortune Adiuvat!
Format: CD
Label: SkullLine (@)
Distributor: SkullLine
Rated: *****
The release onslaught of the German SkullLine label wins on speed and offers more and more curious acts rather dedicated to some more Experimental-minded music efforts. This full-length album is a split-release by two quite musically different acts, the US-one man act VAE VICTUS and the Hungarian DURCH HEER UND KRAFT. VAE VICTUS seems to be the more drastically outfit, providing a mixture of a static and noisy Military-inspired Industrial sound combined with Ambient and filled with dozens of war, sirens and propaganda movie samples. A little communistic vein is surely integrated as well, tracks like "The Fall Of Capitalism / The Party Of Lenin" or the pure Mao Tse Tung-propaganda tracks "Chairman Mao Is The Red Sun In Our Hearts" tend obviously into this direction. I would advise to read some Blogs of this act presented on their MySpace web account. Quite interesting for dedicated fans. DURCH HEER UND KRAFT are Military-inspired too, which they often celebrate through typical marching snare drum inserts, but generally their musically outfit turns rather into Neo-Folk/Classic music. Some tracks are new interpretations and do follow some traditional Folk tunes ("Krieg und Friede") and to my surprise they offer some speech-like vocals on some tracks too. Both bands have here and there some interesting stuff to offer, but a strictly dedication of the listener to some Military-music is helpful. Extremely limited edition, as usual for SkullLine, this one is restricted to only 50 exemplars.


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