Monday, September 28, 2020
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Artist: ATTRITION (@)
Title: The Jeopardy Maze
Format: CD
Label: Two Gods (@)
Distributor: Voice Print
Rated: *****
Reissued at the same time of "Smiling, At The Hypogonder Club", THE JEOPARDY MAZE hasn't nothing to do with the sound you can find on their 1985 release. Issued originally in 1999 on Projekt in the U.S. and by Trisol in Europe that album had Attrition line-up consisting of Martin Bowes, Julia Waller and Frank Dematteis on viola (basically the same people who released ETUDE two years before). THE JEOPARDY MAZE mix dark obsessive atmospheres, female opera style/whispered male vocals with electronics that can recall Die Form of the nineties. The album is kinda balanced proposing classical music influenced tunes (see "A virtual angel", "A virtual reprise" or semi classical/experimental "Have a nice time") and obsessive dark electronics. The original album was closed by a strange early 70's synth version of "God save the Queen": a track that sounds like a joke. Instead this reissue is closing by an unreleased track of the same period: "Infant joy" a dark ambient/classical spoken word with lyrics taken from a poem by William Blake.


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