Monday, August 3, 2020
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Lingouf: Area Keloza

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Artist: Lingouf
Title: Area Keloza
Format: CD
Label: Ant-Zen (@)
Distributor: DSBP
Rated: *****
The talent of the German Ant-Zen-label to hire some unexpected and hardly heard before is still unbreakable. The French act LINGOUF can look back on some releases out on the small Ark-Aik underground label, which mostly draw their musically ground based on Hardcore/Techno music. Area Keloza of course turns the music into a much wider dimension. It starts dark with several strange voice samples thrown into the Industrial soundscapes of the opener "Bioless Game", the collaboration with the Japanese Cyberpunk-artist KENJI SIRATORI takes some obvious fruits. While drowning into this obscure Industrial ambience, the abrasive rhythm work joins in and offers some satisfying results on a straight 4/4-basis. The straight orientation continues on "Harpman", which may can grow to a club favorite. The longer this album runs, the faster and more percussive-oriented the tracks mutate. The attached info sheet refers on names like CONVERTER, IMMINENT or SOMATIC RESPONSES as possible comparisons. Some elements of each mentioned acts can be surely discovered in LINGOUF, while an obviously obscurity hides behind it too. This may belongs on the fact that LINGOUF is more than a usual Industrial/Powernoise act, this project and its anonymous mastermind is also active as a visual artist. Some excerpts of the work can be discovered on the projects’ website mentioned above. Area Keloza features only 6 tracks, but all of them are clocking up to 10 minutes and more, so the term of a full-length album is nice fulfilled. As usual for Ant-Zen, also LINGOUF is a save candidate for 4 stars. Well deserved!


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