Monday, September 28, 2020
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Artist: VV.AA. (@)
Title: Entwined -
Format: Download Only (MP3 only)
Label: Heresy & Dark Mourning Promotions (@)
Rated: *****
This is a free downloadable compilation compiled by the both UK-based label/promotion agencies Heresy and Dark Mourning Promotions. Both are working still hard in the pure British underground to promote and support Industrial-minded bands with multiple actions. While Heresy acts like a booking agency and shares country-wide contacts to clubs and organizes small tours for interested bands, Dark Mourning follows the idea to expand interest of the audience with a constant online promotion by using as much as possible the availability of communities like MySpace.
25 mostly undiscovered acts got united and are offering each one representative track out of their archives. Of course the musically dimension is wide-ranged and diverse, every thinkable style between pure Goth-Rock, multiple forms of Metal, Ambient and Experimental up to Electro/Futurepop and EBM gets featured here. It has to be said in advance that not all participating acts here offer music styles, which get normally covered by our online resource, for example all pure Metal-forms, while some others tend to play styles far away of my musically tastes. Therefore I’ll pick out only those causing some interest, any other ratings on acts providing foreign music styles wouldn’t be a fair deal.
The British duo BLIND BEFORE DAWN can already look back on several years of activity and they’ve released already 3 own produced albums in the past. Their featured track "Strangers" got remixed by REZUMAKI and plays well in the melodic Futurepop-genre, although it can’t offer anything new. A lot of Metal acts, be it Speed-, Death-, or Black-Metal offered by names like DE LA GRAVES, DEATH SHROUD or FIRE LAKE got thrown here in the arena, but, as I said, I better keep fingers and ears away from them. The Industrial/Powernoise act SCHULTZ comes out like the long awaited rain in the desert and sweeps away the dust provided by the uncountable Metal-heads before – well done rhythmically Powernoise-Industrial and I’ll look forward to their collaboration with the US-based Soviet Media Control label. Somewhere in between we have some decent Goth-Rock ballads offering some well done female vocals and melodic string- and piano-arrangements (HER BLACKENED ROSE). There has been too some more Electro/Industrial-minded appearances by IRA-K ORGANISATION and LOUIS GUIDONE (the track name is program: "Uber Cyber Total Bullshit"), but those still need some practice in the basement studios until they’ll be able to satisfy. Things are changing drastically with PSILOPSYB and their Hardcore-/Trance-Industrial massacre entitled "Amongst Orbs & Fairies". No matter, if this killer runs more than 9 minutes, it is definitely the revelation of this comp! The German project TANAROS (I guess they are from Germany) try to impress with a rather Harsh-EBM-like track, not bad, though not on top of the standard stuff. Also VALIUM ERA are concentrating to offer the harsh Hellectro-formula with a simple musically structure and a repetitive voice sample "Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People" – it is that sort of penetrating catchy, that the plan to set fire under the feet of the dancefloor addicts can succeed!
The opinions on the quality of the provided tracks may tend to differ, but that doesn’t wonder too much, since 99 % of the included acts are totally newcomers to their representative scenes. Plus the featured diversity of multiple styles on this free downloadable compilation makes it impossible, to enjoy all participants. But there’s in no way to argue against the efforts of both British promotion agencies. Support them, download this one, because it’s free and you’ll may discover one or another pearl.

Beautiful Dark - Alone in the Dark
Blind Before Dawn - Strangers (Rezumaki Remix)
Briar Rose - Hairy Eyeball
De La Graves - Angelita3
Death Shroud - Blacken the Sky
Dyonisis - Reaching
Fields of Iaru - Great Bark of Khepri
FireLake - Ghost City
Her Blackened Rose - On Another's Sorrow
Immundus - The Grieving Widow
Ira-k Organisation - La Maledicion
Jack's Hammer - Wicker Man
Louis Guidone - Über Cyber Total Bullshit (Entwined Edit)
Parasite - Twist the Knife
Psilopsyb - Amongst Orbs & Fairies
Schultz - Nekrophilia
Screams of Cold Winter - Nothing Left
Shallow Intentions - Bleeding Years
SILIZIUM - Love Also Means Forgiveness
Spekulus - Fragile
Tanaros - Failed
The Neurophobics – Necro
The Wired - Time Travel
Valium Era - Guns Don't Kill
Violet Vortex - Not


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