Monday, September 28, 2020
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Artist: UL (@)
Title: III
Format: CD
Label: Zhelezobeton (@)
Formed in 2006 with members of Reynols, Minexio VII and Virgen Vapor, UL started to work on their sound based on guitar sound manipulations. If you have in mind the Glenn Branca's experiments of guitar orchestra, well, try to imagine something totally different because UL use guitars to create disturbing multi layered industrial ambient suites based on drones and guitar noises. Listening to III the impression I had is that the eight tracks have been recorded during improvisations but don't think about an artsy intellectual approach to the theme, because UL's sound is created with the guts rather than with the brain. The reverbered and distorted sound seems to have been generated into a metallurgic factory and I won't suggest to you this CD-r if you don't love experimental improvised sounds or industrial music.


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