Monday, September 28, 2020
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Title: soundcards
Format: CD
Label: Cold Current (@)
Rated: *****
I was a bit afraid it could have been "an ordinary good record" by Orsi and Becuzzi , just with a diminished inspirational impetus and please don’t be too quick to judge for I think this legacy has been working really well so far, but it’s also true inertia tends to fade after a while or at last that’s what physics teached us and you now Newton was a smart ass!!. Law of inertia is still reliable, but they probably gave a supplementary "propulsion to their mass" which means this "Soundpostcards" is really good, reading the liner notes you’ll even discover this cd collects the early collaborations of this duo with the addition of a supplementary track and a new mastering. Hard to say if this’ their best work, but surely you can list it among their most inspired efforts, they’ve been able to assemble some simple melancholic/oniric tracks which don’t fail in recreating a suggestive "reverie", the fact the majority of the songs is two or three years old doesn’t change a thing, their beauty has remained untouched and yes, the new track fits perfectly with the old material without interrupting the homogeneity of this release. If compared to the later collaborations where without losing their melodic edge they moved toward a more experimental feel, here they are still dealing with a post-rock/post-ambient salsa which is in debt with Kranky and above all with Labradford when going for their most simple structures. If you’re one of those who believe that melancholy, melody and softness are the essential characteristics for a good release, go for it.


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