Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Title: Wunderwaffe
Format: CD
Label: Rage In Eden (@)
Rated: *****
Originally released in 2004 as a limited edition of 100 copies then reissued in 2005 expanded from two to six tracks, WUNDERWAFFE has been reissued for the third and last time in a limited edition of 500 CDs and expanded to eight tracks (four by Cold Fusion and four by Rukkanor) to greet the five years of the label. Inspired and dedicated to the victims of the V-1, V-2 and V-3 missiles (and the guys want to underline that the CD has no a political meaning and it isn't linked to any ideology either) WUNDERWAFFE is one of the first releases of both the projects. Cold Fusion present four melancholic tracks in balance from neo-classicism and martial industrial while Rukkanor show his darker side with four powerful martial industrial orchestral pieces full of tension which are able tol give you the sensation of being inside a tank that slowly passes through a mine field. This is your last chance to get it!


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