Friday, August 14, 2020
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Title: Ideom
Format: CD
Label: Record Label
Rated: *****
Dalglish is the new moniker of choice of Chris Douglas', previously known for his activity as O.S.T., with releases on Phthalo, Emanate and Qliphotic (and, just recently, Ideal) and a tour support activity with Autechre. A bit of namedropping which could hint at what you can find in "Ideom", i.e. angular, dark-tinged and experimental rhythmic electronica. When the pulse gets more regular and upfront, as in the tracks "Sach", "Morder J" and "Narpado", Dalglish could be loosely associated with those revolutionary minds that transfigured techno and dub into a much more obscure and cerebral headtrip: Basic Channel, Scorn and Plastikman, for example, all came to mind while listening. However, Douglas seems to be more interested in blurring and fragmenting any regular pattern (even alien and obsessive ones), leading to the collapsing architectures of "Tishm", "Damlicht" and "Amhain", a sort of post-human stare on beat-driven electronica.


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