Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Title: Sexual Healing 2
Format: MCD (Mini CD)
Label: Apop Records
Rated: *****
If you're familiar with Hatewave's great eponymous album on Tumult (featuring Weasel Walter of Flying Luttenbachers fame), well, just partially forget its ferocious, technical math-death-grind, here we go back to the bands' early no-wave roots with a 13-minute demo of hilariously ugly music, recorded "in 1995 on bad equipment in threadbare conditions on drugs in the Midwest in winter". Featuring a trio playing drums, guitar, Casio SK-5 and vocals, "Sexual Healing 2" (or is that "Free Ringtones!"?) as a sort of demented scum-black thrash with metal-can sounding beats and "atmospheric" parts played with cheap keyboards. "Shitlist" and "Insomniac" have some gruff cookie monster vocals reminding of Spazz-ish power violence, and "Mutiny" even seems to attempt at some Crossed Out-style break. Everything falls apart, however, in "Sexual Healing 2", "An Hatewaves" and the 8th untitled track, which are pure, unadulterated no-wave garbage. Add some out-there and truly disgusting visuals and you'll come off with a much more extreme Hatewave than the later tech-death incarnation ("Fuck metal", the liner notes say).


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