Monday, September 28, 2020
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Title: What Matters to Ali
Format: CD
Label: C3R
Rated: *****
Recorded in 2006, "What Matters to Ali" features well-known trumpeter Axel Dörner in a quite unusual improvised session with Argentinian drummer Diego Chamy, who also reads a text throughout. In its best moments, the recording has an eerie, mysterious feel, with sparse, subdued sounds and the hardly discernible, rambling vocals giving it an almost ritualistic atmosphere (think of some early Osso Exótico). Dörner plays, as expected, in his usual style made of wails, hisses and gurgles, which, alas, I must say is hardly surprising by now, while I've found Chamy's work on metallic thumps and resonances much more engaging. One track, 45'39", many interesting parts popping out of a rather uneventful whole. Powerful cover photo.


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