Monday, September 28, 2020
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Title: Constructing Towers
Format: CD
Label: Extreme (@)
Rated: *****
I wish you already know Skye Klein for this guy, beside being fifty percent of most underrated Relapse band ever (Halo), with his release of the last year titled "compressor" gave us a real masterpiece of rhythmic-electronic music. It’s still hard for me to understand if this "Constructing towers" is better or at the same level of its predecessor, by the way I can assure you Terminal Sound System is the living proof electronic music can still be seductive, interesting and catchy without necessarily being "anal" or experimental. While it’s true that this new release picks up where "Compressor" left off, I think the most interesting quality of this new chapter is the introduction of melody, not the previous Klein’s recording was just cold and ass kicking, but this time some of the tracks are softer and more accessible for an indie customer and not just for a learned electronic/IDM listener. He’s left some of those electronic post jazzy passages intact, you’ve some good examples like "Firefly Butoh" and above all "Duchamp Falls", where it all sounds like after the interreing of Peace Orchestra we have a new Arthur starring "The Sword in the Stone", but my impression is there are a lot of shoegaze/post-rock riminiscences like in "Alaska", "Zodiac" and "Theme for Broken Home" (which is probably my personal favorite of the cd). The atmosphere is nocturne as always and the visionary flag is again high on top but you’d better give a look to the clips with which Terminal Sound System has decided to complete some of the tracks and you can watch them for free here: I can’t exactly say Klein opened a new "phylum" in the taxonomy of music, but I have no doubt his personal bland of Drum'n'Bass, IDM, electronic jazz, post-rock, etc. is brilliant, ass kicking and elegant. If you’re one of those filling the ranks of discontent listeners complaining "after Richard D James, Autechre and Seefeel everything had become stagnant" it’s time to stop complaining and to try this 2008 viagra for your ears.


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