Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Artist: ORPLID (@)
Title: Greifenherz
Format: CD
Label: Auerbach (@)
Rated: *****
Active since 1996 and named taking inspiration from the the poem "Gesang Weylas" of the German romantic writer Eduard Mörike, Orplid are a duo formed by Frank Machau and Uwe Nolte. Their fourth album GREIFENHERZ will be released at the end of November and it will be a pleasant surprise for their fans and for all the ones who are willing to listen to something fresh into the neo-folk/industrial genre. The album has a wide range of influences and sound solutions that many names came to my mind, even the Portishead. Let me explain first, don't freak out! Ok, relax a bit and take a deep breath because Orplid didn't change their sound or their industrial approach to neo-folk, they only widened their sound palette. Using dramatic male and female vocals (sorry but I can't tell you who helped them because on the promo CD is missing her name) and orchestrations along with acoustic guitars and martial drums they created a great atmosphere which is enriched also by the massive use of melodies. I named Portishead because of how they used the organ pads/clean guitars on "Des Sperbers Geheimnis" and also for the use of sampled strings/female vocals on "Traum von Blashyrkh". It's great how they worked on these atmospheres adding more theatricality. You know, when you listen to Portishead you feel like a feeling of emptiness, well, Orplid kinda filled that emptiness with their dark vein. Despite my audacious comparison GREIFENHERZ has so much more to offer, thanks to acoustic ballads, electronic atmospheric tunes enriched by choirs (see "Der Anarchist" and the following "Gesang an den Horusfalken"). Great CD indeed! Don't miss it!


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