Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Title: Despartica Face Two
Format: CD
Label: Rage In Eden (@)
Rated: *****
Robert Marciniak is a really active guy: he runs with Marcin the Rage In Eden label / distribution, always with Marcin he did an album under the Across The Rubicon moniker plus during the latest year and half he did a couple of Rukkanor releases ("Despartica face one" and the Rukkanor/Cold Fusion collaboration "Silk road"). His latest Rukkanor's release is this DESPARTICA FACE TWO. As for the first part, DESPARTICA's lyrics are excerpts of classic 19th and 20th century poetry (William Butler Yeats, Emily Dickinson, William Blake, Emily Bronte, etc.) but this time the music differs a lot from the the last year's release. If on "Despartica face one" martial industrial was the main style, on DESPARTICA FACE TWO Robert surprised everyone by changing almost totally the sound palette as 80's electronic with a bit of e.b.m. has been his main influence. Try to imagine a martial bumping version of Visage, with the same decadent/romantic atmosphere(check the vocal/piano duet of "When you are old") but with a little bit more aggressive attitude: just like an industrial version of early John Foxx. The clean vocals of Robert (only on "The dead" he treated them) balance really well the music, creating an interesting contrast. This is one of the best albums of this year's fall!


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