Sunday, July 5, 2020
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Title: clair obscur
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: Creative Sources (@)
Rated: *****
This’ the first solo double cd I review from the Cretive Sources-area and it’s quite interesting since for many musicians from this odd-music hemisphere their cd on this label is like some kind of nice and well packaged "business card" ready for every listener-reviewer to be reminded. As you probably know every Creative Sources’ artist put the money and takes part to the production of the work, sometimes the outcome is a good business card, sometimes it’s a bad one. This one is good, quite classic in many ways, let’s say "ordinary" in the way it sounds odd and "un-ordinary", even thought it would be too damn reductive to stop our conclusions here. Jaques Foschia (funny name, in Italy "foschia" stands for "thin fog") plays clarinets and combines both bass and eb one in a really interesting way, it reminded me a bunch of good solo works like those done by Kyle Bruckmann, Scott Rosemberg, Peter Brotzmann (mm... even if not as in "your face") and Anthony Braxton but none of them in particular, at last this work is refined and has its own physiognomy. He combined a collection of studio tracks for what looks like the real full-length and an entire disc containing two live sessions, the sound definition of which is not less effective then the studio tracks. His studio work is quite characteristic of this improvisative area therefore if you’re into Birgit Uhler, Axel Dorner, or in the likes, well I’m sure you love "Clair obscure" for the global sound and the waiting games that are the peculiarity that gave this label a clear distinction (and sometimes a bit of predictability) for what concerns the sound matter. Even while acting live you have hissed sounds fragmented sketches and above all some well developed executions were according to my persona opinion Foschia shows his finest traits and I’m referring to the last part of the first live session.


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