Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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Artist: LIMBO
Title: Early Works
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: Spittle Records (@)
Distributor: Good Fellas
Rated: *****
After two years in the working D.Loop made it and thanks also to the revived Spittle Records (they originally released the "In limbo" MLP back in the 80s) Limbo fans are able to listen to songs that only few had the chance to listen to. EARLY WORKS (1984-1987) gathers the very first songs recorded by the Tuscan combo for their first demotape (self released back in 1984), for the "In limbo" MLP plus early compilations participations and a bunch of unreleased tracks. The two CD pack comes in a deluxe package that reproduces a gatefold double album package with inner covers and all. Using original graphics as well as the color version of the painting they originally used for their first tape, the release contains also interesting liner notes both in Italian and English language. The whole recordings have been remastered and the result is really good: clean and powerful. The sound has no flaws and it gives you the opportunity to check the early goth electronic tunes of the band. The Virgin Prunes inspired vocals, the powerful bass guitar, the raw synths, everything is there to be discovered or revived into your memory. Personally these are the Limbo's recordings I prefer, because they were sounding like a post punk electronic band on the wild. You can check some tracks and purchasing the CD directly from the band through their myspace page at