Friday, August 14, 2020
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Title: Gerstern
Format: CD
Label: Anna Logue Records (@)
Rated: *****
Co-produced by Anna Logue Records, Kernkrach/Hertzschrittmacher and NLW GESTERN is the first Sonnenbrandt full length which has been released on vinyl as well as on CD (and on this format you have four bonus remixes). Active since 2003 the band is formed by three members: Stefan Bornhorst (THE SILICON SCIENTIST, Dreams Encoded, The Convent – synthesisers, programming, vocoder), Jojo Brandt (Voll Wirksam, Liquid Dreams, The Convent – synthesisers, programming, guitars, lyrics, vocals) and his wife Sonja Sonne’ Brandt (lyrics, vocals). They play minimal electro pop with both joyful and dark veins. Analog synths, guitar and female vocals are the band's weapons and they do their best to electrify your room with melodic tunes. The opening "Herz aus geld" is an irresistible German '80s pop tune with upbeat rhythms. Most tunes play around this formula adding sometimes female/male duets where bleeping synths duet with retro drum machine sounds and clean guitar riffs (a little new wave I might add). Tracks like "Was tun" use stops and go and a great choir while it was a surprise to find a surf guitar on "Hollywood". Sonnenbrandt music is definitely pop but it has many shades. This album contains a lot of potential hit singles: one of them is a nice version of Lio's '80s hit "Amoreux solitaires" but I think that their original tunes are far way better.


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