Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Artist: Quetev Meriri (@)
Title: debut album
Format: CD
Label: GushPunka
Rated: *****
Quetev Meririri work is really brilliant and complex, the dimension of sound creation they worked in is deeply rich, analog and performed with great attention and passion. They follow the vibes of traditional-oriental gloom and hazy acid-folk. It is easy to ear Yddish music among the drones performed with guitars and voices. A rich sound texture and a very good recording quality is the key that
Quetev Meriri uses to probe the mysterious side of Mediterrenean culture, the word Quetev is ancient Aramaic and means "Poisoned Arrow", but it is also the name of a demon, who dominant the noon hours. This work has a mood very dark but elegant not ominous or radical, it is an avantgarde/experimental piece looking at a the past: all the tracks have the name of radical Jewish Philosophers (Rosa Luxemburg, Walter Benjamin...).
The band is composed by Yehu Yaron, a well known bassist in Israel, composer and writer, involved in many projects even as a solo artist. Shai Lowestein is the she-noise-guitar artist of the band responsibles of the aggressive shadow made out with his guitar set up, very nice. Haim Rachmani, composer of Hebrew poet's poems, sing and noise-vocalist thru different tools. This debut album is for sure something very interesting and it opens a world of sounds and experiment unusual and deeply linked with past.


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