Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: The Clock Machine Turns You On Vol.2
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: Malicious Damage Records (@)
Here we are with a new Malicious Damage releases. This time we have a double CD compilation which is the second volume of THE CLOCK MACHINE TURNS YOU ON series. Each CD contains 16 tracks mixed by Alex Parterson/The Orb. He got involved with the label and Killing Joke since the early years as he started as a roadie for KJ and then during the years the label released his collaborations under the name of Transit Kings, Rootmasters and High Frequency Bandwidth as well releasing the Orb stuff. For the first CD Alex followed a scheme that started with punk ("Turn to red" and "Are you receiving" from the first Killing Joke single, a Sex Pistols cover of "Bodies" he recorded with his band Bloodsport back in 1979 and never released and a track from Headcount) mixing it with the post punk ambient of Transmission then with the Orb track "Ba'albek" he started to switch to dub (but first passing from Vertical Smile's "Explode", an energetic mix of electronic and punk with a bass sequencer a la D.A.F.) with Analogue Mindfield, Beatundercontrol, Transit Kings, Teledubgnosis then ambient and acoustic guitar tracks (Canola Tenderfoot, Bob Meyer) then a cinematic Transit King track ("The last lighthouse keeper" contains samples of a documentary or a film that tells the story of a lighthouse keeper who spends everything to go back to the place he born and to die there keeping his family tradition alive). The second CD starts with the Caned & Able hip hop just to turn on the reggae machine with Analogue Mindfield and ambient dub/rock with Necessary Intergalactic Cooperation. Shriekback with "Bittersweet" are here with a nice ballad based on vocals, synth pad, piano and light drum sounds. With The Sun Paulo we have a mix of rock, ambient, house. Transmission are here with "Albion", a track from their newest release I reviewed a week ago. After that we have a range of dub, rock, ambient and ethnic sounds with Smartyr, Belka & Strelka and Rootmasters. Then The Orb presents a pop electronic ambient song with female vocals titled "Sail". Funk soul is in with High Frequency Bandwidth then we have acoustic pop with Nina Walsh. The CD ends with a mix of dub, soul, pop with Belka & Strelka, Shriekback, Caned & Able. Beatundercontrol closes the compilation with a nice melancholic orchestral instrumental titled "Departure". This is a good catalog of what the label has to offer but if you, like me, don't like that much dub, rock and pop you might end liking half of the offer.


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