Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Title: link to the outside world
Format: CD
Label: eh? (@)
Rated: *****
This Sad sailor debut on eh?/Public Eysore label is unusually melodic, and punky, infact sometimes is much closer to some releases on K records than to some other freaky experimental output of this label, but as already side the label is quite heterogeneous. The characteristic rock line-up plus a cello, a trumpet here and there, some synths layers, sometimes it reminded me of those energetic melodic post-rock combos when going for the rock explosion, just way more crippled. If you ever heard them they sound a bit like early Cerberus Shoal before becoming completely absorbed by their kraut/prog freak-influence, or some other post-emo bands when heading toward experimentation and then meeting their psychedelic roots. The recording is quite rough but is dynamic that’s why I think they did it live, in the three tracks they focus on working on a static melody bringing it to the climax quite constantly thus don’t worry since they never use the average "soft part-explosion/ soft part-explosion" binary-structure, they are vibrant but at a constant speed. This single line-melody pulling the string behind every song makes them really psychedelic but remember as I said they have a strong punk or rock feel, perhaps it has to do with that noisy drumming. All of the tracks are quite similar and I think if you’re into melodic music that’s not too slow neither too dramatic/epic and maybe you’ll like it, I think it’s a bit rough but overall a good debut cdr.


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