Friday, September 25, 2020
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Artist: BLÆRG
Title: Dysphoric Sonorities
Format: CD
Label: Bottle Imp Productions (@)
Rated: *****
After listening to Life Toward Twilight, I put this on and was not quite prepared for what came out of the speakers. BLÆRG unloads with both barrels, throwing down some harsh broken beats that reminds me a lot of Venetian Snares. But not all of it is so spastic. "Thrice Vexed" has its moments of calm mixed with the beats and "Crepuscular Harlotry" sounds like what would happen if there was a breakcore Bollywood soundtrack. Overall, this is complicated (but certainly not random), noisy beats mixed with lilting synth lines that provide a nice counterpoint. Of course there are the obligatory random samples as well to provide humor. The artwork also adds a bit of humor, with a woman wearing an octopus on her head. Certainly worth checking out, especially since you can get it for free on the label’s website. The disc weighs in at about 34 minutes.


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