Monday, June 1, 2020
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Artist: Paul Bradley & Cría Cuervos (@)
Title: Moraines II
Format: CD
Label: SmallVoices (@)
Distributor: Twenty Hertz
Rated: *****
"Moraines II" features a re-work of "Moraines" (2006 - Twenty Hertz/Sileat) and a remix by Andrew Liles. "Moraines" sounds went to a major re-process here. Cria Cuervos recordings' are more distinct and fit better with the drifting drone layers made by Paul Bradley. The whole track gains also in brightness, they made me think of getting lost in mysterious organic planets like the one in Herzog's "Great Blue Yonder". The previous "Moraines" was rougher and you couldn't distinguish the sounds. A good setting to tickle your brainmeats with this one, would be a slightly illuminated room and headphones (not necessary, though). Liles' contribution is absolutely brilliant - it is a plodding re-mix ending with a spectral piano in an appropriate dark avantgarde Organum-like sound. A quiet droney journey to "sooth away the pain"...