Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Title: recollections
Format: 3" Mini CD
Label: Parvo Art
Rated: *****
Our second round for Parvo Art, second 3"mcd and yes, second good release. While following Van Der Papen along the way of simplicity John Carlson is considerably different both for the global sound and for the tools but not for what concerns part of the atmosphere, infact as his label mates he’s really relaxed a bit melancholic and well produced. Far from the electronic atmosphere Carlson is much more plunged into modern minimalism and in "writing songs", I don’t write it just for the fact these tracks are piano driven, listen and I’m sure you’ll get why I’m saying that. This American musician really reminded of Keith Jarrett’s "Koln concert" style hybridized with some Satie and why not, Riley when playing piano. Due to its extremely simple nature this effort also bring to mind some music appositely written for children and I’m expressively thinking to Bela Bartok; sometimes I’ve happen to think it’s a pity these tracks have no vocals and just minimal arrangements, since it could have enriched the global listening, it could have been not that far from the solo work of Mark Hollis just way less narcoleptic and less melancholic but it’s not that hard to imagine his vocals on a such a good texture. Forget electronics and ambient meant a la Eno, but if minimal satiesque piano doesn’t leave you unmoved that’s for you.


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