Monday, September 28, 2020
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Title: the happy error
Format: CD
Label: Baskaru (@)
Rated: *****
If you go down the modern electronic/ambient lane, sooner or later you'll surely meet Baskaru label from France and they're moving slowly but constantly, probably more interested following their personal trajectory than in the saturation of the market with a bunch of new releases. After having put out cds for japanese, italian, french artists this time is the turn of a portuguish one: Michael Santos, his music has no ispano-american root and could be from England, Japan or Germany, the earth is flat after all...fuck Columbus. With a wonder wheel on the cover it's logical to expect some relaxed ambient influenced work and here you have it, somewhere located in between the constellation of modern ambient-tronic music, the range of which is set by Afx ambient early steps on one side and japanese Neina, Minamo, etc..on the other. Thought Baskaru is developing a clear physiognomy, "happy error" is much closer to the sound of labels like Spekk or Plop, don't worry guys, if you blame me for not having mentioned 12k it just has to do with the cut that's a little bit different, but if you fill the rank of fans of Deupree or Sawako you'll probably like it. Santos makes it soft and classy that's why I could have had several listening while my girlfriend was studying and she didn't even complain even once: a real miracle!. Santos' sound is still in search of his own identity but at the same time he follows all of the unwritten rules of electronic music perfectly and with elegance thus he speaks the idiom brilliantly. Eleven tracks for about fifty minutes of bliss well distributed in portions of ecstatic and melancholic melodies, high-frequencies and digital sounds. I'm sure if only Pessoa could have only put this in his hi-fi set while writing he wouldn't be that depressed and would have been enjoying much more the sea in front of Lisboa.


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