Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Title: Phyrrhula (Black ambient droneworks 2007-2008)
Format: CD
Label: Cold Spring (@)
Rated: *****
Nordvargr is really active and his solo releases are more than the ones he did with his comrades under the MZ412 moniker. This new album is titled PYRRHULA and it is named after the small genus of passerine birds belonging to the finch family (and this is the reason why we have a mummified bird on the front cover) and it is also the name of an old Swedish folktale of the same name (and in this case its meaning is "doomlord"). Another hint about the themes covered, besides the titles of the eight tracks, is a phrase contained inside the booklet: "Beware the small creatures of light, they only bring misery and death upon the enlightened ones . For they will paint their breast with blood and reap your unborn angels". Fortunately Nordvargr musical hyperactivity didn't affect the quality of these recordings: despite the ambient/drone label the listener can wait for something more than the usual hummings/bass frequency noises. Tracks like the opening "Another weeping doomlord lost" or the following "Pyrrhula one" mix guitar drones, synth pads, growling vocals, organ sounds, keeping the tension level high sounding also various (the least it could be possible into this musical genre). There are also some moments where Nordvargr prefer to be true to the pure drones/dark ambient palette but the whole album doesn't and it has many creepy atmospheres and good sounds.


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