Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Title: majestic
Format: 3" Mini CD
Label: Parvo Art
Rated: *****
Miswriting the name of much appreciated (...recently become trendy) composer Parvo Art, you have the name of this interesting new label from Van Der Papen. They opened the label with a series of 3" and if from the morning you can guess how the rest of the day is gonna be like, here we’re dealing with a really good start. These two Lonkowsky twins from Berlin gave us a short work based on simplicity and sobriety, that’s why after the about twenty minutes of this release I’ve been thinking if they’re gonna put all of their efforts into building a full-length and they do it for good, I’m sure it could be an interesting cd. 4/4 kick drum minimal techno style on a melancholic quasi dramatic ambient melody, no vocals but the usual soft sounds to enrich the simple texture of the tracks. After the minimal techno opening they become ethereal and even more relaxed but as you can easily hear there’s some sort of continuity between the first and the second episode and for what concerns the last and closing track, well if you appreciated the beginning I’m sure you love the "end titles". In some way it reminded a bit the approach of Afx Twin during the days of his Ambient Works and when reading this remember that I think Richard D James was at his personal best together some of the following more relaxed productions (ok Come to daddy is great but is still prefer the ambient era). Berlin based and for good, for Germans or not these guys have all the good qualities of electronic music from Deutschland mixed with a great taste for nocturnal ambient feels. An interesting debut and you know, when working on minimal things...taste is everything.


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