Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Artist: OVRO
Title: Revisited
Format: CD
Label: Some Place Else (@)
Rated: *****
Also active with Haeretici 7o74, Ovro with REVISITED is presenting her fourth album. Divided into seven different moments, REVISITED contains re-worked tracks already presented on the 2006 CDr "Estrainer". The original field recordings were taken during a trip from St. Petersberg to Moscow. On the inner cover of the CD Ovro explains what moment the recording covered and reading simple explanations like "Relocating to Moscow now by train, in Moscow by underground, with echoes of Turku traffic mixed in" and listening to a track that sounds like a trip to hell has a particular effect on me. It's like to be drugged and walking by the city. It's a strange aural experience as each sound float back and forth while you lose the sense of balance. Musically the album sounds dark and experimental mixing drones and field recordings collected in different locations (mostly city places) but in this case I won't talk about it like I would for an entertaining media. You have to experience it more than listen to it also because otherwise you would find that the overall atmosphere is pretty the same.


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