Monday, June 1, 2020
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Artist: NO XIVIC (@)
Title: Yksityisyys
Format: CD
Label: Onxya
Rated: *****
YKSITYISYYS is a word (Finnish I believe) that represents a quality of a thing or a person that gives intense pleasure and deep satisfaction to the mind. Well, listening to the seven tracks of the album I can say that the title isn't always applicable to the sounds because if the opening "Kaunotar ruuturouva" is a blend of drones and field recordings (sounds of someone walking into a forest with birds whistling) the second one "Flex dental zwei" starts like a dark ambient track just to evolve into a chaotic throbbing sound pot that sometimes result also disturbing (on this one the field recordings seem to have been taken at a dentist session). "Etelaan" is less chaotic but nevertheless is able to provoke anxiousness with its sounds that make you feel blindfolded inside a carriage. "Koirantappo" and "Pakomatka pohjoiseen" are a blend of the three previous tracks with calm/chaotic moments for the first one and ambient drones for the second. "Sininen" blend piano, reverbered vocals and drones on the last part while the closing "Manala" is the most industrial dark ambient track of the lot. No Xivic is good at creating sound ambients that provoke into the listener violent feelings but this CD is suggested for the experimental/industrial lovers only.