Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Artist: Fixmer/McCarthy
Title: Into The Night
Format: CD
Label: Synthetic Symphony/SPV
Distributor: SPV
Rated: *****
Terrence Fixmer, a worldwide renowned Techno DJ and producer and the infamous voice of NITZER EBB, Douglas McCarthy have united once again to release another new album after their successful debut "Between The Devil" in 2004. Was the debut a kind of explosive and straight-forward moving mixture between EBM and Technoid sounds, this new album surprises with a unexpected and rather calm and melodic oriented sound outfit. I must say that Terrence does the best of his part, not to sound too much after some Techno-oriented patterns, the music here generally satisfy multiple tastes. More than this, the sound-wise orientation to include also more melodic elements lets him grow and it will strengthen his reputation. To Douglas McCarthy is nothing more to say than the fact: Yes, he’s in here and the magic of his raspy voice is with him. Even if you get the impression, that Terrence’s music would turn too much into the Futurepop/Electropop-genre ("Banging Down Your Door", "Tonight I Sleep"), Douglas is there and makes the difference to all those too often heard smooth and gay-like male vocals. Of course some upbeating tunes are included too ("Hate Me", "Love The Night", "Look To Me"), which all work well for the dancefloors. A quite good and interesting album, which has the best attitudes of both musicians included. Fans of the debut, especially those of the straight-oriented Rivethead-culture will may have problems to accept this smoother outfit, but who cares? The musically content of this fine work should be reward enough.


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