Thursday, September 24, 2020
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JON RYMAN: Nineteeneightyfour

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Title: Nineteeneightyfour
Format: CD
Label: Really Real
Rated: *****

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I'm so glad I received this CD. NINETEENEIGHTYFOUR is the fifth Jon Ryman album in fifteen years and shame on me, I didn't know him until now. He works as an electronic music producer since early nineties and his latest album is a blast. He succeeded into blending into these eleven songs (the first one is a 30" introduction) so many elements coming from 80's music in a great way that there's no song that is a filler. The atmospheres goes to songs a la Paul Haig ("Julia") to ones a la Karl Bartos ("Rhythm Machine") passing through Jean Michelle Jarre (the instrumental "Oneohone"), and John Foxx ("Overexposure"). The whole CD sounds fresh with great electronic sounds and good melodies and it catches the sounds and the themes of a period dear to many of us (see the Orwell reference of the title or the one to the Thatcher Falklands period you can read about into the inner sleeve notes) but thinking about it as a mere re-proposition of an era like it was a commercial move for sure is wrong. This CD takes inspiration from a decade of electronic music (maybe for this reason the CD closes with a 90's sounding acid techno track titled "Acid music"... because a kind of electronic music ended then with the born of a new genre) and inspire. Be sure to check it. This is the first release for Really Real and I hope that they will release more gems like this.


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