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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Great Summer Games Stuff: A Tribute to Human Rights
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: Great Stuff (@)
Rated: *****

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Summer 2008. The Olympic Games are in Beijing, China. To revive the Olympic ideals of International friendship and peace, Great Stuff decided to produce this double CD where artists from all over the world are interpreting or reinventing their own national anthem. An exception is the opening track by the Austrian duo Makossa & Megablast who decided to go for Tibet (instead of their home country) mixing their great rhythms with a mantra spoken by Konchok Yoenten. This track remember to us all that what's going on in Tibet doesn't incarnate the Olympic spirit. The double album contains 24 bands/anthems that mix folk sounds/melodies (see the Syria anthem presented by Amir or the samples of the German anthem reworked by Swen Weber), techno rhythms and minimal hypnotic structures. Most of the CDs are sounding like minimal techno except for Tomcraft's "Bavaria" anthem that has a bit of electro, the Tibet one and also Atomic Hooligan's "England" which is a good dancey electro instrumental tune while "New Zealand" by Greg Churchill is a nice acid house/electro/tribal song, Tommy Trash's "Australia" is a particular electro retro instrumental and "Cuba" by Lutzenkirchen mix electro melodies and techno sound with a punk attitude. Sometimes the listening session has turned into a fluctuating dreamy experience but the overall compilation isn't only for the hard core fans of the genre.
Here's the tracklisting:
CD 1:
01. Makossa & Megablast ft. Kuchok Yoenten - Tibet
02. Amir - Syria
03. Namito - Iran
04. Butch - Turkey
05. Danilo Vigorito - Italy
06. Etienne De Crecy - France
07. Swen Weber - Germany
08. David Amo & Julio Navas - Spain
09. Tomcraft - Bavaria
10. Aldrin & Akien - Singapur
11. Fergie - Ireland
12. Ramon Tapia - Belgium

CD 2:
01. Tokyo Black Star - Japan
02. Rui Da Silva - Portugal
03. Markus Mehta - India
04. Gusgus - Iceland
05. Mihalis Safras - Greece
06. Steve Angello pres Who`s Who? - Sweden
07. OK Corral - Romania
08. Atomic Hooligan - England
09. Greg Churchill - New Zealand
10. Tommy Trash - Australia
11. Lucca - Czech Republic
12. Luetzenkirchen - Cuba


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